Efficient and/or Effective

We always want to work smarter, not harder. But we need to make sure that we really are as smart as we think we are. When I planned to make this skirt with a gray border I decided it would be most efficient to sew the border panel to each of the front and back skirt panels before sewing them together. However that made it just a bit complicated attaching front to back because I had one extra thing to worry about matching. Not terribly effective of me. When I made the next skirt with a border (Minions) I assembled the skirt and then added the border; much better.


The same principleĀ is true in cooking, planning the path for running errands, and many other endeavors in one’s daily life. I have worked for an hour on a spreadsheet only to realize that I have just been copying the same error over and over because I didn’t check carefully enough at first. Major head-desk event.

Lesson Learned: Before starting, think through the whole project so you can (hopefully) realize steps that need to go in their proper order.

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